Ethic of Work

Consorzio is committed to addressing issues relating to seasonal work in the vineyards, with particular attention to those subjects who are not directly employed by farms but who are employed by cooperatives that provide services in agriculture.

The contrast of irregular behaviors that return a negative image of the territory are an absolute priority that involves all actors, without exception.

At the opening of Grandi Langhe 2023 we organized CHANGES 2023 dedicated to the management of the workforce in the vineyard and the possible solutions to be adopted. From a national framework to the focus on the Langhe, we have highlighted the problem and the possible solutions that can be adopted. Below is the video summary:




In the last year the Consortium has been convened at the table set up by the Municipality of Alba to prevent and combat these illegal phenomena. During 2021, in collaboration with the Agricultural Professional Organizations and Confcooperative, an agreement was signed concerning the modification of the employment contract, providing for the obligation to provide accommodation to seasonal workers, both for direct hiring and for those operated by cooperatives. And, again in collaboration with Confcooperative, it was decided to identify a list of cooperatives that operate in compliance with and consistency with the agreements defined previously.


From 2022 we support the ACCADEMIA DELLA VIGNA project conceived and coordinated by Weco and with main partner Humus Job.

Accademia della Vigna is an initiative that integrates in an innovative way the dimensions of training and work experience in the wine sector, with the aim of enhancing one of the most important productive vocations of the territory both in terms of human capital development and social sustainability.

What would it be? A training device co-designed and implemented in partnership with local wineries, strongly oriented to generate specific employment and qualified work effects in viticulture operations.

What you want to achieve is:

  • facilitate the recruitment of qualified human resources for viticulture operations;
    increase the internal skills of wineries and ensure a high quality and socially sustainable standard of work;
    strengthen corporate social responsibility (CSR) by generating opportunities for social and work integration in the territory.

Download our brochure: