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Selection procedure of the implementing body for the Program of information and promotion of agricultural products in third markets – EU Regulation No. 1144/2014

On Decembre 07, 2023 it was submitted to the Publications Office of the European Union a Call for Tenders for the selection, through an open competitive procedure, of an Implementing Body in charge of carrying out the actions (activities/initiatives) having the following characteristics under EU Regulation no. 144/2014 – Call for proposal 2023, with the following characterizing elements


Target Countries USA – CANADA

Activities that will be carried out:

  • WP 2 –Public Relations
  • WP 3 – website and social media
  • WP 4 – Advertising
  • WP 5 – Communication tools
  • WP6 – Events
  • WP7 – POS Promotion

Download attached files:

Allegati-A-e-B_CT Barolo ITA

ANNEX A e B_ CT Barolo ENG

Allegati-A-e-B_CT Barolo ITA

TED_Richiesta Pubblicazione


Capitolato tecnico e procedura di selezione_CT BAROLO

ANNEX A e B_ CT Barolo ENG