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On November 12th, Consorzio Barolo Barbaresco submitted to the EU Tenders Electronic Daily the tender document for the selection of an implementing body in charge of the execution of the promotional activities part of the “Top Tales” program, cofinanced upoon EU Regulation No. 1144/2014.

Target countries: USA and China.

Activities to be executed:

  • WP2 – Public relations
  • WP3 – Web site, Social media
  • WP4 – Advertising
  • WP5 – Communication tools
  • WP6 – Events
  • WP8 – Other activities


Please note that the official tender document is the Italian version. A free unofficial translation in English is provided.



Bando di gara

CT Barolo Technical Specification

Annex A-B_EN

TOP TALES – Capitolato tecnico

Allegati A e B

C1B_06 12 2019 Rettifica parziale determinazione aggiudicazione

C1_06 12 2019 Determinazione aggiudicazione