Langhe Vini

Object of literature and background of many stories, the Langhe are the origin and frame of our wines.

From Fenoglio to Pavese, the landscape goes from being the cold stage where human things happen to being the co-star, a place of nostalgia and childhood flavor. The soft hills and rugged vegetation of the Langhe emerge more and more and become the unique territory that we all know, an object of tourism and culture, passion and attention.

Langhe are located in the southern part of Piedmont, close to the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Apennines.

The name, of Celtic origin, means “strips of land” and refers to the elongated hills, often with very steep sides, arranged so as to run parallel to each other to form many deep and narrow valleys. The Langa area is one of the most generous regions in the world for the quality and variety of wine production.
The roots of this exceptionality are to be found in the particular geographical location, in the suitable climate and in the rich subsoil that distinguish these hilly areas and make them an environment with a very abundant biodiversity.

The uniqueness and exceptionality have made the Langhe an important destination for tourism and wine tourism in recent years, responding very well to the question that has gradually emerged from both the Italian and foreign public. Care, hospitality and family dimension are just 3 of the words that well describe what the territory can offer.

Food pairings
Langhe, as well as being the home of our wines, are also known throughout the world for Tuber Magnatum Pico, the prized white truffle for which the International White Truffle Auction is also organized.
In addition to the Piedmont IGP hazelnut, also famous all over the world, among the typical dishes of the tradition that can be found in all the restaurants and bar in the area there are: Carne all’albese, Vitello tonnato, Tajarin and Ravioli del Plin.